A little bit of housekeeping on this new blog.

My name is Vick Linde. I write as V. C. Linde.

This is going to be FULL of poetry. There will be original poetry that I have written; discussions and critiques of poems that I love and hate; writing about writing; quotations from other poets and commentary on that; but mainly anything and everything poetry based.

I am a poet but I do write other things as well.

I am both published and prize-winning.

This is just my poetry website, my personal/general site is over here. You can find me all around the internet from Etsy to Facebook, from the Huffington Post to Twitter the links are all in the footer.

This site is going to be all about the words. Nice and clear and simple (in structure, the ideas will be complex and varied!).

I am mainly looking to get lots of people talking about, thinking about and reading poetry by a range of different writers. I would love to hear ideas and discussions from people and I will keep this blog updated regularly.

My main passion is finding innovative ways of getting creative ideas out to people. I think we have only just begun to scratch the surface of how we can read, write and share poetry and I hope that I will be able to document my adventures in this new world on the blog.

There will be a lot of content going up straight-away to get things rolling so keep checking back, do follow along and I hope you enjoy it all!



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