Poetry Postcards

An explanation of my current project running both on Tumblr and through good old snail mail!

Poetry Postcards is an interactive poetry project designed to get readers involved with how a poem is written. I wanted to show that writing a poem can be done in lots of different ways. I am inspired by ideas from a lot of people, often those who believe that they aren’t interested in poetry or can’t get anything out of it, and I wanted a way to involve a whole bunch of different people including those who don’t normally read my (or perhaps any) poetry.

Poetry should be fun, innovative and exciting – and not just to the poet or a few people sitting around a poetry reading in a basement… I have no idea what the poem will look like at the end, nor does anyone who joins in and helps me along the way but we’ll all find out together.

The idea is that I would write a very long poem that would still work when broken down into one hundred sections. Each section was written on the front of a postcard and these cards were sent around the world in a random order. I am sending them free of charge, you don’t get added to any mailing lists, I am not keeping the addresses and I pay the postage, the only thing I am asking in return is that the recipient posts a picture of the card online somewhere I can see it. Depending on how quickly they got there and how soon people posted the images the whole shape of the poem would change.

At the very end of the project I will have three poems. The first poem is the original that I wrote. The second is the one that is built from the pictures of the cards people received and sent me. The third is going to be made up of all of the bits that got lost in the post or that people didn’t send me pictures of (in the order they were sent out).

I am mainly using Tumblr to display the poetry and show influences and ideas. The last project I did was mainly based on the blog so this time I wanted to use a different forum.

I am still sending cards out and looking for people who might like to receive them. If you would like a card (or know someone who would) them drop me a line at poetrypostcards@gmail.com and I’ll send one anywhere in the world.

Below I’ve got a summary of some of the Tumblr posts explaining how the project works.

The one where I introduced the project

The one where you can see the original cards

The one with the small print

The one where I explain how it all works

The one where I tell you how to get involved

The one with the first poem

The one with the audio of the first poem


2 thoughts on “Poetry Postcards

    1. vicklinde says:

      Yes! I am still sending them out. I’ll get one in the post to you ASAP, you had slipped into the spam folder for some reason – it’s been misbehaving lately!
      Thanks for letting me know,

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