The music was too loud and your voice was far
too quiet. I couldn’t decide which I should listen to.
You must have felt the awkwardness as I nodded
in time to the words but didn’t really listen.

Plates of food came and went while others
acknowledged us with a smile, they knew
why we were there. Looked down upon and pitied
by so many people who couldn’t bear walking
in our shoes. And lacked the imagination
to see we might not want to borrow theirs.

Pushed and nudged trying hard to make us fall
back into their safe lives. But it’s not the time
or place to say aloud – that different can be better.
Honesty has no place with too much hype to live up to.

The original words that inspired this poem were “awkwardness, smile, hype”. This one is almost exactly the same as the original version that I posted for the Three Random Words project but the line breaks are different, which is more to do with my visual style rather than the content or emphasis changing.

p.s. I would love to know what people think I was writing about when I wrote this one…


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