Modest Grace

During the snowdrop season I decided to write an ‘After Poem’ based on Wordsworth’s poem ‘To A Snowdrop’. My After Poetry is explained here.

This is the original poem.

And here’s my take on it:

Modest Grace

You appear, just before the days lighten
camouflaged, to your surroundings but seen
from the corner of my eye, stronger still,
than the world around you. Head down hands out,
you should not, seem so beautiful, just one
face among so many, suddenly here;
but I wish you would stay, safe and keep far
away from the crack! of ice – glass – metal
on your never ending migration from
place to place, following an instinct to
fly as the wind changes and leave us again;
and all year around as I walk past your corner,
I think of where you are, seeing bolder
faces there and waiting for your return.


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