Two Steps

A heavy tread, warning cracks radiate from a four-point rose,

fixed in sights. An uncertain north. True, the day follows senses,
high above us. Built-up places crawl across grey earth. Uniform
texture underfoot and above hide what we remember.
Better known than seen. Trails tie together, criss-crossing
over owned land. No flags, marked by older eyes.

Joined at dusk –blink between two turns.

Walk softly across a calendar, knowing just where to turn for
buried lessons. Warm southern winters bring colours to
long-dead stars. Night plays with the shadows, spin easy threads
in a childlike dance across boundaries claimed. Water returns
older lives in rough places. We drink in a wiser course to walk
directions that our skin remembers from ancestral light.


This was originally written for World Poetry Day and was inspired by an image that can be seen here suggested by Nadine Holmes.


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