I’m not a poet – my lines are too long,
my ideas are tabloid.
I use the wrong punctuation and
can only quote Jung, never Nietzsche.

These words are not meant to be
read aloud, they belong in the inside
of the head. Not a real poem.
I’ve never stood up and shouted lines
in a crowded room of cheap gin
and expensive smoke. Lost in applause.

I never wanted to be the smartest
in the room, only to learn
from those who were. I write for me,
but I hope, I hope that I write for you too…

(This needs a new title…no idea what to call it though)


3 thoughts on “Poet?

  1. I’d do something like ‘I’m not a poet — my lines are too long’ the first line of your terrific poem. A few other ones: ‘unversed’ – back door gin – no housing – I’ll comment again when I think of something better…

  2. Excellent – I sometimes feel like titles are forced. Maybe I should open up the blog to suggestions when I get stuck every time!

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