Reading ‘The British Museum Haiku’

I love this little book of Haiku from the British Museum. It’s edited by David Cobb and I keep re-reading it, both as an inspiration for my own writing and also to just enjoy the gorgeous words.

It’s organised in seasons as Haiku are traditionally about immediate nature. The short lines and few words are designed to capture a moment and keep it preserved in the words.

The more you read the poems in this book the more layers you can see, something that is truly impressive when there are so few words in each piece. Alongside the poems are gorgeous pieces of artwork.

Some poems are very specific, regional and personal while others could be written for any situation in almost any location.

late autumn –
a single chair waiting
for someone yet to come.


This is a short but lovely introduction to Haiku.


4 thoughts on “Reading ‘The British Museum Haiku’

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