The Twitter List

I have one big tip for poetry on Twitter. Make a list.

Sometimes when social media gets overwhelming, or I have a launch to manage I will write a list of what needs to be posted where and when but that’s not the type of list I’m talking about here.

I’m taking about Twitter lists feature which allows you to add Twitter accounts to a list you manage whether you follow them or not. I’ve been building a list of poetry people on Twitter for a while and keep adding to it – almost daily. Lists can be either public (and viewable to everyone) or private (and only you can see them). So far mine has always been private but I’m changing that today and so now you can see what I’m seeing on Twitter.

This is how I get news on new books being published, submissions that are opening, readings to listen to, websites to read, poets to connect to. Twitter is a fantastic resource and my top Twitter accounts to follow are all on the list.

The Twitter List for Poetry.

If you have someone who you think should be added, or have another list that I should be following then please do shout out in the comments or contact me on Twitter @vclinde.


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