Daughter of Parents

A memory of pomegranates floating in a lake
shakes her, as she wakes up in the darkness
without a bruise and the memories creep back to her.

She has unlimited patience and too much time,
her mother never taught her and cannot
see her again, while she mourns, weeping snow.

The reflection ripples with tears thrown out,
breaking the surface like a pebble over the water

The horses chained to Pluto’s chariot rage on
and upwards towards the coming summer.
The land and everything inside it waits.

Originally a part of the Three Random Words project using the words “patience, pebble, pluto”. This has had a bit of an edit around but it was really only because I hadn’t done a very good job of fitting the words into the idea that was in my head. Hopefully this one works better now.


4 thoughts on “Daughter of Parents

  1. heathervoid says:

    I have a friend who’s been researching this myth, so I’ve heard the story several times recently, and when this poem mentioned pomegranates, I started to wonder if maybe… :-) Beautiful!

    1. vicklinde says:

      It’s a myth that I’ve loved ever since studying Latin at school – we read about Eurydice as well so I’m thinking that perhaps I should write my own version of her story as well sometime soon!

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