Reading “That Awkward Age”

I’ve been reading poetry by Roger McGough since I was a very little girl. He was one of the first poets that I read and this collection is perfect to keep coming back to.

There’s a great section in “That Awkward Age” about husbands of famous women, from ‘Mr of Arc’ to ‘Lord Godiva’. This is a lovely little collection-within-a-collection that showcases the women we know throughout history shown through the lens of the men in their lives.

Trying to choose a favourite piece is not possible. On Good Authority, a poem about not understanding that certain type of poem we know all too well, is certainly on the list; as is Payback Time which is about the role reversal that happens between parents and their children as they both age. You can really see what sets McGough apart in The Dada Christmas Catalogue, it could easily have been a simple throw away piece and yet everything is so well considered that the final couple of lines made me laugh out loud in a crowded restaurant. Brilliant stuff.

Time and personality is seen both in the general and the specific making the whole collection relatable and a joy to read.


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