Poetry Plans

Every year for National Poetry Day I do something different. In the past I have done poems based on Pinterest images, I’ve done poems a stanza at a time that I uploaded throughout the day, I’ve done a series of Found poems and After poems.

This year I’m a bit stumped, I’m very busy around NPD this year so I’m planning in advance. I am in between poetry projects at the moment now that Poetry Postcards has finished and I’m trying to decide what to do next, so I might possibly use Poetry Day 2013 to try something that could turn into a larger project. I’ve been working on a couple of collections but haven’t settled on anything…yet. National Poetry Day is October 3rd this year and I will probably be trying a few things out. Also, if anyone has something that they need an extra poet for or an idea you’d really like to see me trying then shout out and I’ll give it a go.

Currently I am thinking of possibly doing some more Spine Poems; doing a series of poems based on myths or ancient gods; using quotations as the basis for new poems; a collection of poems based on companies/businesses that I like or admire; writing poetry from the perspective of fictional characters or maybe tackling a new form of poetry that I’ve not written before. If any of these sound good (or awful) do let me know.  Thoughts, comments and ideas welcome in the comments, as always.



One thought on “Poetry Plans

  1. jackspratt823 says:

    Spine poems are a really good idea. Not only do they give an overall shape to the collection, but each poem plays off against the others. Michael Stewart”s ” Couples” ( Valley Press) does this briliiantly.

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