Songs that don’t need music

In yesterday’s Sunday Times there was a (weird) article about Gove supporting the new Love Poems app that we’ve been hearing so much about and trying to get teens to send each other love poems instead of sexting.

Like I said – weird.

Surely that advice comes better from Dead Poet’s Society than Gove but still, I’m all for encouraging people to enjoy and share poetry. The best bit of the article for me was a great quote from Helena Bonham Carter:

I think as a child I was a bit scared by poetry until someone told me it was a song that didn’t need the music.

She also compares tweets to haiku and texts as poems. Hurrah! Someone who really does get it. This is exactly what we should be telling kids and I love that she’s encouraging children to read poems so they are never bored.

I’d probably add that encouraging your children to write poetry is a good idea as well!


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