Reading “Leaving Fingerprints”

Not only is Leaving Fingerprints by Imtiaz Dharker a fantastic collection of poetry but it also has a gorgeous set of illustrations as well. While the message of the collection is obvious it tends to creep further into your consciousness as Dharker shows what we leave behind as well as what we take with us while we go through life. Leaving Fingerprints is so intense, I keep finding myself picking it up to look back at lines I remember. A real selection of poems to make you remember and to make you think. They are so beautifully written that you cannot help but feel connected to them.

My favourites from the collection (although almost impossible to choose) were Road-Map; How it Started and The Colour of the Stories.

One day your face turns into paper.
Around the mouth and eyes, across
the forehead, down the cheeks, lines
of words appear, all that you have ever
written, all that you have ever read

– Kinna sona


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