That Line

The Atlantic has a great interview with Sherman Alexie that’s worth reading and has some great book recommendations tucked into it as well.

It’s about when he realised that he could become a poet and how one poem changed everything for him.

It’s got me thinking about which poems have made me want to be a poet. I think I decided very early on that I was going to be a poet (aged six) so it was never really a choice as such but certainly poems have influenced me along the way.

I can think of a few but I plan on searching through old poetry books and making a list, perhaps re-reading and seeing if they have the same impact now.

I’d love to know more poems or poets who made people want to write poetry. Any suggestions out there?


2 thoughts on “That Line

  1. I started writing poetry in second grade, stopped for a while, rediscovered my passion in seventh grade and haven’t stopped since. Emily Dickinson was a major inspiration; my first poetry book was a collection of her poems. But I wrote and still write a lot of free verse, so she can’t really be credited as inspiration for that…

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