Not a Gun

Fade back into the house you built,
steal as much time as Night would give
to her own children. Born from her
darkening eye to twin with her,
she the cloak and he the dagger
that we fall onto, further each Day.
His staff hits the ground, tremble
the space beside each of us as a clock
ticks. Watched longer now than then.
Slow and ruthlessly harsh, the trap
sets itself. Old age is the best
surprise, unknown until his
brother stands up. Find your own
terms to fight Night and her sons.
He always stands close, just over
the horizon as his Mother taught
him to wait for the right moment.
We can be brave, we know he is
coming. You know the end at the start
and feeling the same fear as the Gods
and gods. Live.


Strange as it may sound, this poem was inspired by the novel ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ and in particular the relationships with Mrs Dubose that are explored within it. The way my wandering imagination works there are now few direct links back to TKAM in the poem but that’s where the spark came from!


2 thoughts on “Not a Gun

  1. chrisnelson61 says:

    A nice piece of free-prose, and I think that you have captured the nature of living/ growing excellently. There is great hope in this, I feel, despite the reference to ‘You know the end at the start’. (At least that’s my reading of it!)

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