Plain stripes;
Damask of blue;
Floral repeating pattern;
Wider stripes in green;
Fern leaves overlapping.
Layers of wallpaper hidden
for years, left as a lazy
reminder. One piled onto
another in a mesh of history.
Drag a nail deep enough,
carving through a family
and then another to reach
the final image.
Revealed only to the one
determined to look closely.

This was a part of my Three Random Words project using the words “carving, mesh, wallpaper” and it was inspired by the range of wallpaper that you see in National Trust properties, in particular how all of the layers have built up over time and the history that each layer must have seen.


7 thoughts on “Inherited

    1. vicklinde says:

      Thank you so much. I think you can really feel that sense of connection when you walked through old lived-in houses. A sense of lived history.

  1. jessicagartlandn says:

    I have read this at least three times now. I Liked it upon first reading . Upon each re reading I love it more and more. Well done. getting the prose to actually emulate the idea of unmasking hidden depth. Huzzah to this piece . I would like to reblog if I may?

  2. loujenhaxmyor says:

    You hit this on the nail. At first I got shivers thinking about how my wife and I reworked our home many years ago… and the layers of wallpaper and paneling we had to deal with in making changes to suit our own visual desires. Thanx for sharing your blog with us, V, and for visiting my site. Have a wonderful day.

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