De Mairan’s Nebula

Defend your spiralled staircase against
the rising attack of noise and light.
Machines coming closers, faster as the
world begins to invade. Pull up the ladder
and seal the trap door. Close your eyes.
Fingers in your ears, hum louder than they can
and keep it alive. Keep it building.
The end of images flicker over your lids
the last refuge before the walls crash down
and you have to start it all over. Again.
Limbs twitch and stretch while you breathe
a little deeper. Stronger and refreshed.
You’ll never get back in once you step outside.
Wake up!

This was inspired by the idea of stars as a prompt that was used for a previous Poetry Day and I was reading up on astronomers and came across Jean-Jacques D’Ortous De Mairan and started thinking about night-time, dreams and circadian rhythms (which De Mairan observed) and this is what I came up with.


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