Untitled Girl

A small note, a few words on the side to give
her a name. a lasting memorial, safer than
a grave. her skin on show under dimmed
lights and temperature control. A model of beauty.

This was written when I was thinking about all of the unnamed artist models in paintings in galleries around the world who are remembered even though we often don’t know much about their lives.


10 thoughts on “Untitled Girl

      1. This is certainly true. There’s a story on my site entitled ‘The Candle Game’ which was inspired by a painting of the same name by Leonora Carrington. You might like one or even both of them!

  1. This is great! My favorite line is “a lasting memorial, safer than a grave.” I feel as if that line holds a very gratifying meaning particularly to the models in paintings.

    I recently helped a friend write a paper on one of Jenny Saville’s paintings. She paints portraits of women who suffer from illnesses/disabilities and does not have the features of an ideal “perfect woman.” I have to admit that looking at her work can be emotionally disturbing yet, very moving at the same time. I just thought I’d share because you might like some of her works.

    1. I shall look her up! I was brought up visiting art galleries and only now am I starting to realise how much it has informed my writing. I love being inspired by artwork, either the familiar or the new.

      1. Ahh better late than never to start realizing it! Seeing how much you’ve accomplished with your writing has inspired me to obtain the need to strengthen my abilities. Thank you for that! I hope to learn a lot more from what you post on here.

        1. Fantastic – writing things up here helps me sort through things in my head so I hope it keeps being helpful to others as well.

    1. It’s always a little strange (and quite magical) to see the work and imagination and creative spirit left behind when the person is long gone or forgotten.

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