I’m relatively new to Tumblr – I’ve not been using it that long and I still don’t really use it properly. I’m much better at Pinterest but I love both sites.

I started using Tumblr more when I began my Poetry Postcards project so that I had somewhere that I could put all of the information and it would be easy to get to – I also wanted to connect to the poetry reading/writing audience on there that I hadn’t met yet.

Since the end of that project I’ve kept my poetry page going on there and there is a mixture of my own poetry and blogs as well as lots and lots of images and words that inspire me.

I’m blogging about this for two reasons. 1) If you’re on Tumblr then please pop a link in the comments so I can follow you, I don’t follow nearly enough people over there. 2) If you’re looking for writing prompts and inspirations then I’ve built up quite a collection to look through now.



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