A pine table between them, polished
conversation ebbs and flows washing
over closed ears. Minds distracted
by the mundane they hear and speak.
Words sail overhead, loud-spoken.
Never hearing what is said behind
the sentence. Too many choices
to speak out about, a round of topics.
Race to the end, the greatest volume wins.
Say the most and hear nothing.

This was written when I was watching a family having dinner out together – none of them were listening to each other and they were all just trying to say as much as possible. It made me wonder how many time we do this without realising it!


6 thoughts on “Chat

  1. thenaughtypoet says:

    Reading this all I could imagine was a smokey casino and a high stakes card game with all the trash talking and poker faces. Wonderful write that let my imagination wander out of it’s cage for a few moments.

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