100 Poems

Inspired by Claire Trevien (of Verse Kraken brilliance) – who was inspired by Tim Clare – I think I might have a go at writing one hundred poems in a day.

Unlike Claire I tend to work quite quickly on poems and then either do minimal edits or throw them away if I don’t like them. I have never written more than ten poems in a day though and have no idea how far I would get.

There is also the sponsorship side. I do love challenging myself to new ways of writing, whether that is different forms, topics or times. I would love to get feedback on whether you guys think that this is a good idea – would I be able to manage 100 poems? would anyone be willing to send inspirations throughout the day? should I try and raise money at the same time? should I try and blog as I am writing or just post on social media? All thoughts welcome!


9 thoughts on “100 Poems

  1. nitinlalit9 says:

    Yea, you’d manage manage 100 poems in a day .You’ll probably need a lot of caffeine to keep those cognitive juices flowing. I’d suggest you blog and try the stream of consciousness route. Spontaneous poetry and titles. Simply go with the flow.That way, in the end you’ll have a 100 poems which when looked at from another vantage point all serve to make up one epic poem that goes everywhere. Still all this is easier said than done but I like the idea of writing hundred poems in a day. Although I’ll never be able to do it.

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