Electric and Rose

Stretch across to an old horizon
where things remembered, carry
people unforgotten.

Hands touch the ground and an
electric spark from earth and wave
draws head to heart.

Summer rain and winter rose grow
connections between us. Feel the
breaths as you reach and know.

One day, every day, this day.
One way, every way, this way.


While doing some internet reading on yoga I stumbled across Electric & Rose clothing brand who describe themselves as “a yoga/surf/lifestyle apparel brand”. Awesome – but it was the name that really stuck with me. They named it after two streets in Venice Beach but it just sparked something off inside my head and a poem appeared. I scribbled the poem down, forgot about it for six months and found it yesterday while I was reorganising my library. So, here you go, a poem on Electric & Rose!


4 thoughts on “Electric and Rose

  1. There is a real sense of the crackling of electric wires or the hum of railway tracks in this poem. I love the opening; ‘where things remembered, carry
    people unforgotten.’ I think that its carries the weight of electrical brain waves, connections being formed and revisited. Great writing.

    1. Thank you very much. I love the idea of electric and rose – both the words themselves and the concept – modern but still connected to nature.

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