Following You

There’s something strangely familiar about finding and following poetry blogs.

It’s just like the rest of the poetry/reading/writing world. I try to find and follow as many blogs as I can, either through the wordpress reader, from recommendations and blogrolls on sites I regularly read, or by people talking to me on my blog and then reading their site. I love commenting and exchanging thoughts. It’s overall a very positive thing and a huge part of the reason that I am blogging. I want to connect to readers and writers of poetry – that’s why I’m doing it.

At the same time it is strange to see people writing brilliant, unique things and only having 17 followers when you’ve just found something that doesn’t seem as accomplished or original or well crafted and the page has hundreds or thousands of followers. I always read a long way back in a blog when I first find it and there are some gorgeous pieces of writing around – often not being read nearly as much as they should be.

It always has, and probably always will, take a long time to be recognised when you are producing creative work. It’s subjective and personal which makes it impossible for everyone to like and hard when it’s not popular because it’s a part of you. I read A LOT of poetry by a huge range of people and many times I don’t like the highest recommended or bestselling poets/books. Universal appeal is not something anyone should strive for, doing what is best for you, doing what is good and feels right and is true is much more important.

Here’s the thing. Even if lots of people aren’t reading it then it’s still out there. And that’s fantastic. There are all of these wonderful words floating around waiting to be discovered. It is a strange part of this new and ever-changing way of sharing words and art.


15 thoughts on “Following You

  1. heathervoid says:

    I find it interesting which blogs show how many followers they have on the “Follow” button and which don’t… Personally, seeing that some have thousands of followers is intimidating and sometimes makes me less likely to follow them. I like to at least try to build a relationship with other bloggers, and with thousands of others to get their attention, I don’t see an opportunity.

    1. vicklinde says:

      I also really like the connection and it can be very intimidating on the internet seeing how popular some blogs are. I tend to use WordPress reader and poetry tags which always shows the followers when you find a blog.

  2. skywalkerstoryteller says:

    Good blog subject. I know that some bloggers cultivate followers – by following other bloggers. But, they has to take a lot of time. I find I am getting more followers since I began my haiku project. I know that is in part because a haiku is easy to read, it’s short. When I do get a new follow, I always check out their blog – but I don’t follow everyone who follows me – nor do I read everyone I follow. I have to feel a connection. And I believe, poetry, as with beauty, is in the eye of the beholder (reader). And number of followers really is not an indicator.

    1. vicklinde says:

      Poetry, as with most creative arts absolutely is in the eye of the beholder. I follow people when I’m interested by their view, their words or their style. And as you say I like the connection which is why I comment as much as possible on blogs I like.

  3. chrisnelson61 says:

    An insightful post, Vick. Like yourself I enjoy reading poetry and often find the most ‘popular’ to be less rewarding. It takes time to unearth some of the best writing, but there is some great stuff out there. Personally, this is why I started my blog – as a place to put my writing other than in a drawer! For me if only one other person likes what I have written then the process has been worthwhile.
    Thanks to you for your support.
    Take care, Chris.

    1. vicklinde says:

      Absolutely. I’m very attached to the blogs I read and the people who follow my own. And I really like sharing my own scribblings!

  4. neelthemuse says:

    Yes it does seem strange sometimes! Don’t know what compels one to blog at all except that it is rewarding in a very different way. It’s like writing or creating an on-going book. Thanks Vick for the thought!

  5. poetrycottage says:

    I really like your “About” page … it’s honest and very true to your heart and airs what many poets/writers must think; but never openly express … thank you so much for liking and following poetrycottage. May you be blessed.

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