True Song

We all know how it ends
in our version.
Speak it aloud to teach
others and learn yourself.
Hear the words and take
the lesson. Repeat. Repeat
so that we can all be taught.
Language without barriers –
you can read, hear, see,
absorb from the atmosphere –
known from a mislaid past.
A narrative declaration shows
humanity – kinship with old
bloodlines. Sing through time
forgotten, but the history remains

I’ve been researching myths and folk tales recently for a project that I’m working on, in fact myth has always been one of my favourite things to read and write about. I was thinking about the oral tradition and the changes that happened to stories over time as we tell and re-write them. And obviously I happen to think that stories and the way that we tell them are hugely important!


3 thoughts on “True Song

  1. chrisnelson61 says:

    I think that you are correct – stories are all about the way in which they are told. I feel that this has come across effectively in the line structure that you, yourself, have employed in this poem.

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