Today (and yesterday) is 2013’s Project for Awesome. This is an annual project started by Vlogbrothers – John and Hank Green, where content creators on YouTube take a day to make videos about their favourite charities, raise money and vote/comment on the videos and then the vlogbrothers community (known as Nerdfighteria) as a whole gets to decide which charities get the money raised that year.

Voting, commenting and tweeting raises money. There is an indiegogo page where you can donate and get amazing perks from some brilliant people. There is also a livefeed where we all watch some of the videos together and then comment on them to raise the profile of the videos. This morning we were talking about the charity First Book which provides books for children who do not own a single book. I cannot imagine my life without books so this one really hit home for me. One of the participants was the novelist Pat Rothfuss who said something truly wonderful about reading. He described reading as:


The benefit of experience without the pain of experience

-Patrick Rothfuss

Isn’t that a wonderful way of describing the importance of books? I love P4A and have found some great charities to support through them. There are many more awesome causes this year but I’m blogging about First Book because this is after all, a blog about poetry, books and writing.

If you want to join in then the P4A page is here.
You can see videos and find the livefeed on the Vlogbrothers channel
Updates are on Twitter using #P4A
If you’d like to know more about Nerdfighters and the Vlogbrothers here’s an FAQ video


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