The blog has been a bit quiet while I’ve been busy (more on that later) but I am planning on spending the whole of the 1st of January writing micropoems. I will be all around the internet as well, with Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr all being involved no doubt!

I am thinking about maybe having an overall theme – any suggestions? I am completely open to ideas but I do love writing in themes – any ideas are worth trying out and please do leave comments if there is something that you think would make a good theme for a whole day of mini-poems.

Also if people want to send inspirations – images/quotations/books/music/films then I would love to see them.

I’ll put up more details as I decide upon them. Highly organised as ever over here!



10 thoughts on “01/01/100

  1. Also – as I am going to be using a lot of social media, any ideas on a hashtag so people can either follow or block it would be great!

  2. A suggestion: a series of poems based on the titles of favourite novels. The poems needn’t necessarily reflect the theme of the novel, merely its title. I’m sure you have plenty of novel titles in your head, but asking for contributions might make the project even more challenging. Let me know what you think, and good luck!

          1. OK, if you seriously would like some suggestions then here are a few personal favourites which you may (or may not) know – The Crow Road (Iain Banks), The Castle of Crossed Destinies (Italo Calvino), The Plague (Albert Camus), Beautiful Losers (Leonard Cohen), Notes From Underground (Fyodor Dostoyevsky), The Trial (Franz Kafka), If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things (Jon McGregor), Hotel De Dream (Emma Tennant), The Street of Crocodiles (Bruno Shulz), Kafka on the Shore (Haruki Murakami). Look forward to seeing what you come up with. All the best, Chris.

          2. Excellent. I’ll scribble those down ready. Crow Road is one of the books that made me determined to write, an absolute favourite.

    1. Every person seems to define micropoems differently. I call anything less than five lines a short poem and anything less than 160 characters a micropoem. I’ll be putting up a bit more info tomorrow morning about what the plan is – if you’re likely to be reading then.

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