Micro Titles

Today is all about short poems. About titles and books. About words and images. About concise thoughts and fast ideas.

I wanted to challenge myself to start the new year with a lot of poetry – one hundred short poems in one day. I am going to be writing micropoems inspired by the titles of books. An idea from Chris on this blog when I mentioned writing to a theme. The inspirations will be coming from the titles themselves, not from the books which they belong to. I will also try to only use one title from each author.

Micropoetry doesn’t have one definition. It can be as simple as a very short poem. It includes twaikus – haiku on twitter. It can break usual grammar rules and spelling is often secondary to content. Micropoems take poems a step further – a little shorter, a little more condensed, a little more structured. Many see micropoetry as something that can fit into the traditional 160 characters of an SMS or the 140 characters of a Tweet. The short poems will most likely be a combination of free-verse and structured poems and will probably all be under six lines long.

Rather than giving the poems titles I will use the novel title that inspired the poem.

I love the challenges associated with writing micropoetry, the need to get an idea down in so few words, the imagination needed to share the poem and the innovations of modern technology used to read and write them.

The hashtag is going to be #MicroTitles and I will be on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr posting them. I’ll do round-ups of every ten poems on the blog and the other poems will first be on Tumblr with links on Facebook and Twitter so that people can block them with the # if they don’t want to be reading a hundred poems with a new year’s hangover!

One other thing – I need thoughts and inspirations. One hundred poems in a day is a lot of ideas to get through and so please, please do send along title suggestions or music that I should be listening to or art that will inspire. I’ll be here blogging and talking all day.

I’ll be back soon – hopefully with the first batch of freshly pressed micropoems!


4 thoughts on “Micro Titles

  1. Hiya. A few more possibles – The Cement Garden (Ian McEwan), The Glass Bead Game (Hermann Hesse), Wuthering Heights (Emily Bronte), The Premature Burial (Edgar Allan Poe), The Nameless City (H.P. Lovecraft), Dead Souls (Nikolai Gogol). And a few album titles – Unknown Pleasures (Joy Division), The Klaxon (And Also The Trees), Hounds of Love (Kate Bush), Cimematic (Adrian Borland), Elizium (Fields of the Nephilim), Sunset Panorama (Logh), Piper at the Gates of Dawn (Pink Floyd), The Madcap Laughs (Syd Barrett), Heads and Hearts (The Sound), Sweeping up the Doldrums (Scott Bradie). Hope this helps, and good luck – Chris.

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