Poetry At Work

Poetry is my work. I’m very grateful for that. But today there is poetry everywhere. It’s Poetry At Work day.

I know, I know, we seem to have a ‘day’ for everything at the moment but I like this one a lot. Poetry is something that really can work anywhere. It’s not just for slam events or quiet reading, it can be anywhere and should be everywhere. I especially like how Poetry at Work is just what poems do – they work. On us and with us and for us.

If you’re at work and want to put up a poem or two somewhere then a couple of my most popular ones on the site are Untitled Girl and Watchers. Feel free to print them (with credit, pretty please!)

TweetSpeakPoetry has a full on infographic about the day with poems and even the day-jobs of some well known poets.

It’s on Pinterest and Facebook and all over Twitter as well.

So follow along, read some poetry at work, share some poetry at work and I’ll be here – working on my poetry!


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