A little housekeeping blog today.

Since I started blogging on this site about six months ago, I’ve tried to post every day – sometimes more. I loved doing this but it has started to feel like a chore which is something I never wanted. So, there will be slightly fewer posts but I’ll still be here a lot of the time! I’m hoping the extra time will mean that I can read and comment on more of the blogs that I follow and find more people to read/talk to as well.

I’ve also closed down my personal site because I only use it every couple of months. As a result there will be posts about things other than poetry and writing.

I’m hoping to expand the site here a little and talk about all of the writing that I do instead of just the poetry side of things. This is the natural follow-on from consolidating all of my social media last year. I want everything to be in one place, I’m getting rid of all of the extraneous parts and streamlining.


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