Prompt Me

I’ve been quiet on the site lately – partly because I’ve been busy looking after my Mum who’s had an operation but also because I’ve been trying to write more. I’ve been plotting my next novel and writing a lot more poetry.

Part of what I’ve been doing has been working on writing poems from prompts. I’ve been using Pinterest and Tumblr to find ideas, images and inspirations and then writing a sentence, a poem, a haiku or a short story.

I’m going to start putting the prompts that I am using on the site and then when I’ve written something adding that up as well. I would love it if other people joined me and left links to their own writings so I could see what other people take from the same materials. Either way you’ll get a little more of my process and a lot more original writing on the site.

I’ve also been doing a lot of spine poems so keep your eyes out for those appearing soon.



4 thoughts on “Prompt Me

    1. vicklinde says:

      Thank you…we’ll see how it goes. It’s always fun trying new things out even if they don’t work.

  1. heathervoid says:

    I’m excited to see what prompts you use. I’ve attempted to use some before, but never got very far; I’ll try to see what I can come up with from those that you share.

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