Prompts: Sea-Grass

I’ve chosen this photograph by iseultsdream on Tumblr to use as a writing prompt. If you’d like to join in and write something inspired (directly or indirectly) by this image then pop a link in the comments either here or when I’ve posted the reply – I’d love to read it.

I’ll be posting something (hopefully) tomorrow that I’ve written from this and seeing how well it works, writing from a prompt.

Feb 21, 2014 - the foggy view behind the dunes on the east side
Image is © Iseult. Please don’t post this anywhere without the copyright attached.

9 thoughts on “Prompts: Sea-Grass

  1. R E C O G N I Z E
    Only fools wouldn’t, or would, notice
    This young god walking in stalks of sway grass,
    Grass the color of irish sea spray.
    Seems she recognized me too.
    I bet it was this one side of her peculiar, porcelain face,
    Silhouetting a small half-smile
    That would & could encourage me
    To love her
    Even more.

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