Sea Grass

Here’s my response to the Prompt: Sea-Grass. You can check out responses by namelessneed and by Chris Nelson on their own sites. Both are definitely worth a read. It’s wonderful seeing how different people find sparks of inspiration from the same thing and create gorgeous, interesting works from them.

My contribution is actually an image of a poem because I was messing around with charcoal the other day and it wasn’t working so I decided to write on the paper instead!

Sea Grass

and the far-fall wash swept
them home
    before oil-slicked
afternoons gave to the
    liminal gods
Hair dragged towards
Waning tears
Eyelashes of sea-grass whip
Naked knees
High tide marks her
Once burnt face

4 thoughts on “Sea Grass

  1. chrisnelson61 says:

    Some lovely personification here with, for me, the beach scene acting as a mirror to life’s experiences. I like the hand written piece too, the contrast between upper and lower case reflecting the natural and personal aspects of your poem.
    Thanks again for the prompt!

    1. vicklinde says:

      Thanks! My handwriting changes hugely depending on my mood and the pen but I love writing everything rather than typing especially with poetry.

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