Sea Grass

Here’s my response to the Prompt: Sea-Grass. You can check out responses by namelessneed and by Chris Nelson on their own sites. Both are definitely worth a read. It’s wonderful seeing how different people find sparks of inspiration from the same thing and create gorgeous, interesting works from them.

My contribution is actually an image of a poem because I was messing around with charcoal the other day and it wasn’t working so I decided to write on the paper instead!

Sea Grass

and the far-fall wash swept
them home
    before oil-slicked
afternoons gave to the
    liminal gods
Hair dragged towards
Waning tears
Eyelashes of sea-grass whip
Naked knees
High tide marks her
Once burnt face

4 thoughts on “Sea Grass

  1. Some lovely personification here with, for me, the beach scene acting as a mirror to life’s experiences. I like the hand written piece too, the contrast between upper and lower case reflecting the natural and personal aspects of your poem.
    Thanks again for the prompt!

    1. Thanks! My handwriting changes hugely depending on my mood and the pen but I love writing everything rather than typing especially with poetry.

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