World Poetry Day 2014

Tomorrow is World Poetry Day 2014.


I always like to spend World Poetry Day doing something specific and fun to do with words and poems. This year I have chosen to do something inspired by two of my favourite types of poetry – found poems and spine poems.

Tomorrow I am going to write poetry by choosing a book at random off the shelf and opening that book to a random page and then choosing a line. I’ll keep doing that until it feels complete – that could be two lines or forty.

Pop onto the blog here to follow my progress and read any and all poems that I write (I always post everything from National and World Poetry Days on the blog). You can also follow along on Twitter – I’ll be using the tag #WorldPoetryDay or #WPD14

If you’re doing something to celebrate World Poetry Day leave me a comment below so I can see and read along.

Also – if you’d like to join in with my ‘Chosen Lines’ poems then please do let me know where I can read them and link to them.

See you all tomorrow!



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