Chosen Lines Thoughts

Writing the Chosen Lines poems for World Poetry Day made me realise that they really were just like writing both Spine Poems and Found Poems. With all of the same problems and revelations.

It’s amazing how words stay the same and change. You would never imagine that a line from The Mists of Avalon could run seamlessly into a line from The Bridge. But at the same time it’s exactly how it works when you are writing. The lines taken separately work on their own and can form completely new wholes. It was fascinating writing them and seeing the similarities in tones and voices between authors that you wouldn’t expect.

The reverse is also true, I had a few that just didn’t work at all and I needed to start again.

I am getting towards the end of posting all of the separate parts of my Poetry Postcards project online – one poem broken down into sections that was designed to be shuffled and read in many orders. Working on that project (although it didn’t go as well as I had hoped) still influences the things that I do. I try to write everything so that the separate parts work as well as the whole. I’ll pop up some links when they are all complete so people can try shuffling them to see which ways the words can be arranged.



2 thoughts on “Chosen Lines Thoughts

  1. C.J. Black says:

    Thank you for the follow, what a pleasure it is to have unearthed this treasure trove, long may you continue I look forward to educating myself while following along your wordly path.

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