Prompts: Stone Cherub

I’ve chosen this photograph by Bernard Creely of a cherub (found via Tumblr) to use as a writing prompt. If you’d like to join in and write something inspired (directly or indirectly) by this image then pop a link in the comments either here or when I’ve posted the reply – I’d love to read it.

I’ll be posting something soon that I’ve written from this and I’d love to see what other people see in this.

Image is © Bernard Creely. Please don’t post this anywhere without the copyright attached.

5 thoughts on “Prompts: Stone Cherub

  1. awinkandanod says:

    such beauteous invitation
    scroll visions via scrawls
    one carved from yet played marbles
    by how artist chips ‘stead draws
    where to the interest gazing
    where too the verse well thought
    as mind refuses lazing
    it’s this of what you got
    Dear Ma’am, THIS IS a wonder-FULL exercise for those of us with too little gift.
    Thank YOU for the pass through.

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