Stone Cherub

Here’s my response to the Prompt: Stone Cherub. If anyone else has been inspired by this image then please do leave me a link in the comments here or on the original page, I’d love to read them. Check out the wonderful piece by awinkandanod on the original page as well before you head off.

One of two – not her God but his
heaven. Wings lost inside uncarved walls,
soft stone blocks out the light.
An angelic weight to carry as a reminder
of the paradise she suffers for.
The lies we choose to lessen the pain
of an edgeless life and a hollow death.



5 thoughts on “Stone Cherub

  1. I absolutely love your poem. And you’ll think I’m truly hopeless, but I’ve looked at the image over and over–and I just can’t “see” it. My vision is failing, but I wonder if I could find a larger image…as I would SO love to write a poem to the prompt. (But I guess if I were really talented, I wouldn’t need the image…) By the way, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing the Chosen Line poems–another poet friend said she knew them as “Found Poems” long ago. Anyway, I’m kind of hooked on them!

  2. Thank you. I think this: is the largest version of it.
    I really like found poems – and the Chosen Lines are definitely found poems but they are a more specific type of found poem. I’ve always had a much broader definition of found poetry (I’ve got a whole category on the blog for them!).

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