I’m in the middle of a blog-reading bonanza and I’m looking for blogs to follow and read that post about poetry, writing, reading, reviews, art and most crafty and creative things. Do you run or contribute to a blog like this? Have one to recommend to me? Please drop me a link in the comments and I’ll check them all out.

I’m also going through and unfollowing blogs who haven’t posted in a couple of months or longer. There’s two reasons I do this – one is so that I know that I’m reading everyone that I’m following and the other is so that I can follow more people. I like finding and reading new blogs so I tend to follow a lot of people and I want to read all of them – with lots of abandoned blogs that can get a bit weighty so I check through every six months or so.

The downside is sometimes WordPress can be a bit of a pain when I’m doing it and I end up accidently unfollowing people who I want to be reading and who are still posting often so if I have lost you along the way please do drop me a note in the comments and I’ll find you again!

{Quick extra note: I don’t expect people I follow to follow me back and I never do the follow-unfollow dance, I also don’t automatically follow my followers – although it’s another great way of finding like-minded bloggers!}



25 thoughts on “WordPressing

    1. I’ve actually slowed down my posting while I get the first draft of a novel plotted and bashed out but hopefully it’ll stay reasonably frequent over here!

  1. I would love to have you consider my blog. I just post poetry for the most part, but there are a fair number of people who seem to find it enjoyable. There’s always room for more. I hope you like it enough to follow my blog. I have enjoyed following yours. Peace. ~ Michael

    1. Hello, and what great timing as I’ve long had a place in my heart for Calliope. I wrote a series of poems on the muses and she really stuck with me.
      Glad to see it’s going so well,

      1. Thank you so much. I would love to read those poems some time. Calliope came to me last night as I was about to go to sleep. I switched on my phone and typed a reminder to myself. Fortunately she was still here this morning. Have a great day ! Peace. ~ Michael

  2. Hey, remember me :D You followed me sometime ago! I’ve written tons of new stuff and also took part in a number of poetry projects. You may visit my blog if you wish to :)
    It’s abysmalheights.wordpress.com

    1. Yes, I’ve been reading along! I’ve been very impressed with the NaPoWriMo. I’m just getting started on the first draft of a novel so I’m missing the poetry writing at the moment.
      Thanks for popping the link in, good luck with the rest of poetry month.

  3. Reading blogs is time-consuming, so you really have to choose wisely. I’m following over 50–but if they don’t reciprocate by reading my posts, after a certain period of time they’re dropped from my list, and then I add new folks. Just my 2 cents!

  4. I don’t auto follow back either. But it was a pretty easy decision after a glance thru your posts. I look forward to having time to dig deeper.

  5. I actually just went through the same thing, sadly I un-followed a really good prose blog and am now unable to find it.

    You’re always welcome to come by my blog, I post semi-regularly (one piece every other day or so.) I am currently on hiatus but will be back posting within the next week.


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