Go WoMentoring

Today the WoMentoring Project is launched. I came a little late to the game and only heard about it through Sally Thompson (one of the mentors) a few days ago.

It’s a fantastic idea. One of those why-hasn’t-this-happened-earlier ideas.

It’s women mentoring women including artists, editors, agents, writers etc. There are some amazing women involved already and more seem to be appearing all of the time – if Twitter is anything to go by. They are also looking to build a bursary and seem to be bubbling with ideas. I can see this becoming a wonderful cyclical scheme where mentees become mentors after a few years.

It’s free and the mentors are volunteering their time and knowledge very generously. So far I’ve seen four people who I would love to be mentored by and I’ve not even read through all of them yet. I’m looking forward to seeing how this spreads and I’m guessing there is going to be some amazing stuff coming from this group.

Check it out here and spread the word!




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