Here’s my response to the Prompt: Cattedrale. You can check out responses by Musings of a ProcrastinatorChris Nelson and Bag of Anything on their own sites, do check them out. I love seeing how so many things can come from one little spark of an idea.

I liked having more of a gap between posting the prompt and posting the responses, it gives more time to think and more time to see what people come up with.

My contribution is below:

Blue slated bricks drip down from the hills
bringing leaves of sunlight.
A heaven sent gold fills up the shaped glass
we break into windows.
She makes her way to the heart and the upper floors
peeling away layers of life and finding the centre.
Heads bow when they walk under the arch
in a nod to the architect.



5 thoughts on “Cattedrale

  1. chrisnelson61 says:

    I like the connection that you have made between the material (blue slated bricks) and the spiritual side with your poem, Vick. You have captured the sense of life as a journey here – a well written poem to an inspiring prompt – can’t wait for the next!

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