I’m working on a project that is exploring a new way of connecting with people, a different way of funding my poetry and a completely new system for getting my poems and projects to you.

What I’d really like to know is what you like and what you don’t like.

Are there any parts of the website that you don’t like or would like to see changed? Are there any particular types of posts that you’d like to see more of? Are there any of the projects that you’d like me to start back up again (ie. poems in bottles, found poetry, three random word poems, after poetry, poetry postcards)? Would you be interested in seeing more of the process, some more editing, reviews, handwritten poetry, suggestions for me to work on, prompts for you to work through with me?

Innovation is the key to what I love about poetry so I’m usually open to most ideas.

I’m open to suggestions and complaints! What y’all tell me will not only affect this new project but also what I’ll be posting on the blog as well, so if you like/hate something then tell me and watch it change!

Thanks in advance for any feedback,


5 thoughts on “Requests

    1. Thank you! That’s just the sort of feedback I was hoping for. I have a stack of paper that could do with some charcoal scribbling in fact…

  1. Difficult because I wouldn’t want to tread on your toes. I really like your handwritten, charcoal poems as they reveal a personal touch to the words, almost more of a connection. I have thoroughly enjoyed your prompts, not only from the point of view of inspiration, but also as they have allowed me to go back and check out the sites of other writers whom you have inspired. I know it’s time consuming, but more of the same, really. Thanks.

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