Fox Spiriting

I’ve been sitting on a project for a while now. I’ve got a poetry chapbook (it’s a long chapbook or a short book of poetry) coming out from Fox Spirit books a little later this year.

The book is called And The Fox Crows and is a collection of poetry about fox myths, legends, stories, gods and monsters. The collection was a joint suggestion between Fox Spirit and myself. Adele Wearing, who runs Fox Spirit, is a close friend and this seemed like a great way to work together.

I read everything – I mean everything – that I could find about foxes and the stories around them and then started writing. As Fox Spirit isn’t a poetry publisher I wanted to make sure that there was a solid frame for the collection, something more prosaic and easy to connect to. So as well as a giant bundle of poems there are also short prose pieces between the poems that link the poems into sections and give a through-line to follow.

I’ll be updating the blog when I know more about dates and let you see the covers and any other details. Of course I’ll also let you know when it’s available to buy.

I’ve got some snippets ready to post so that you can see the sort of things that will be in the collection and I’ll post those in the next few weeks.

I’ve got a Pinterest page full of images to look at here.

You can follow Fox Spirit on Facebook and Twitter as well as their webpage.

Also if you sign up to the Fox Spirit newsletter there will be a special treat in the next posting…


3 thoughts on “Fox Spiriting

  1. Sounds like it was a rewarding and edifying experience. I hope the book is a commercial success as well for you.I look forward to your foxtrot in future posts. ;)

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