Taking Root

Here’s my response to the Prompt: Taking Root. You can check out responses by adashofathazagoraphobia and Chris Nelson on their own sites. Also Ashley Morgan Salazar has written a poem and posted it in the comments section of the prompt itself. I always love seeing how different people find inspiration in art and finding words for the pictures.

This is my version:

To grow and stretch out
limbs downwards
confused by the dark we don’t know
where we should be going.
Growing veins run under the sky
reaching high.
Feet are planted solidly
on shifting ground to move with the earth
as it disintegrates in the rain.


4 thoughts on “Taking Root

  1. I love the idea of growing into the darkness – very metaphysical. The more one reads this poem, the more it offers up – certainly one I shall be returning too. Well written, Vick, and thanks for the prompt!

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