Carry on Prompting

Something a little different in the prompting business today. I’ve deep into the middle of writing the first draft of a novel. It’s a short-ish novel but still considerably longer than a poem so I’m writing a lot more than usual. So I thought rather than just sharing a picture and writing I would give you a line of what I’ve been writing and see what you would write next. No context. No characters. No background. Just a line of prose.

Anyone up for that? Here goes…

The sun was still high but the sky was getting dark, summer nights of bright light on rough waters stretched out into forever.

If anyone would like to have a go at writing the next line do please join in. It can be the next word, sentence, paragraph or phrase. You can turn it into a flash piece, a poem, a section of prose. Anything you like. Have a play around with it! I’ll post what I wrote after this in a few days.


7 thoughts on “Carry on Prompting

  1. Read on says:

    But suddenly,there was a change in the air, the wind rising, the clouds becoming castles built of grey rocks and far away behind the smoked glass of an observation window of the last standing and working lighthouse before the deep, dark ocean begins, a man man bursts into tears.

    1. vicklinde says:

      Fantastic. I was really interested to see how other people took the sentence when it wasn’t connected to everything that came before in the plot. Brilliant stuff.

  2. chrisnelson61 says:

    ‘I knew then that I should have allowed myself to follow you; abandon myself to dreams, and over-rule my stoic mind. Now, as the rough, rolling waves crashed against the rocks like drunken acrobats, I watched helpless as they carried you further from my grasp.’

    A bit rough around the edges, but your line seemed (to me) to be heading in this direction!

    1. vicklinde says:

      Awesome words! I almost didn’t want to put up what I had written after reading these. And it’s nice to shift into prose occasionally for a break!

      1. chrisnelson61 says:

        I’m pleased that you liked where I started going with this. I have to say it was both interesting and challenging to follow on from your words as they seemed far more personal than a photograph or painting (although I have enjoyed writing from these prompts). I was a bit wary of disturbing your train of thought – glad I didn’t!

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