Prompts: Politicians

I love this sculpture by Issac Cordal. It’s eveything I think art should be. It’s in Berlin and is called “Politicians discussing global warming”.  The original link is over on Tumblr.

I wanted to use this as a prompt because I think you can go two very different ways with this – the same route as the artist has chosen in the title – or just seeing it as a piece of art with no affiliation.

I’ll be posting my response to this and I’d love to see anything that you are inspired to write. Drop me a link or leave a few words in the comments below and as usual, I’ll do a round-up of everyone who contributes.

Also, a quick apology for a lack of posts and the limited volume of original poetry here at the moment. I’m working on launching something new, exciting, time-consuming, community based and fully poetic. It’ll be worth it but it’s taking a lot of time away from writing new pieces for the blog at the moment. So please, stick around and you’ll see more soon!

Issac Cordal - Politicians
Image is © Issac Cordal. Please don’t post this anywhere without the copyright attached.

5 thoughts on “Prompts: Politicians

    1. vicklinde says:

      It’s a really evocative idea. I’ve always loved all forms of art but having been following along with The Art Assignment I’ve been thinking about it a lot more lately.

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