Welcome to the Reverb

As we are now heading steadily through four figured numbers of followers I thought it would be a good time to have a re-welcoming to people who have joined us lately.

I say ‘we’ and ‘us’ because the reason that I spend so much time blogging is that I love the community around poetry blogs. Whether it’s commentary, prompts, sharing links, chatting, celebrating or writing together I’m glad we have a bunch of us all together doing it.

Everyone is welcome to join in – complaints, commentary, suggestions, general chatter.

Here’s a little run-down of everything going on:

  • And The Fox Crows
    This is my début poetry collection that is being published shortly by Fox Spirit.
    It has its own category and you can check out the official page here.
  • Patreon
    Patreon is an ongoing crowdsourcing platform for creators. If you become a Patron of mine you get exclusive access to all of my full poems, you get news and poetry before anyone else as well as getting rewards such as handwritten postcards, printed mini poems, PDF poetry books and more. You also get to talk to me one-on-one about poetry, writing, reading, reviews, pretty much anything you like!
  • Found Poetry
    Poetry which is constructed using another piece of writing whether that’s an article, prose or even YouTube comments.  I won the New York Times found poetry competition a few years back with this poem.
  • After Poetry
    This is a type of poetry which uses a style/theme/imagery/rhythm of another poem to write a homage version of it. I did a version of this while in the Lake District remembering Wordsworth.
  • Three Random Words
    One of my first internet poetry projects – and still one of the most popular. I was given three words by strangers and wrote a poem including all three words. There were 100 original poems and George was published in the anthology Dark Currents.
  • Spine Poems
    Poems created using the titles of books and written as images using the spines of the books themselves. Done as a part of National Poetry Day and also whenever I am around a lot of books!
  • Free Verse
    Full poems that I have either written especially for the blog or that I have chosen to share with you all on here. Within this is also the Editing section where I show how I have edited a poem to get from the first to final versions. It also contains all of my short poems and micro-poems.
  • Prompted
    A series of writing prompts and responses. The prompts can be videos, text, images, really anything. I collect responses and write my own as well.
  • Snippets
    These are sections of my own original poetry. Short parts of longer poems. Also lots of my short pieces and snippets are written out in charcoal poem-pictures that you can have a look through.
  • The Art Asssignment
    A project from Sarah Urist Green and PBS Digital Studios. I often take part in the assignments and post them on here and Tumblr.
  • Poetry Postcards
    Another internet-based project. I wrote a very long poem, made up of one hundred smaller poems and posted out sections on postcards around the world.
  • Prose
    Keep updated on my prose writings as well as getting to read sections of longer pieces and some complete short stories.
  • Micro-Titles
    A mini-project using book titles as inspirations for poems. Check out the category to see many of these mini poems.
  • Personal
    All of the things that are connected to me but not directly to my writing.
And for your amusement, here's an outtake from the Patreon photo shoot where a wasp invaded!
And for your amusement, here’s an outtake from the Patreon photo shoot where a wasp invaded!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Reverb

    1. Thank you so much – it’s very much a business to me so I applied all of the things I learnt when I was a PA and just added a lot of poetry to it!

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