It’s finally time.

You’ve all known that I’ve been working on something really exciting and it is finally LIVE.

I have a Patreon page.

Patreon is a way of supporting creators that you love. Unlike Kickstarter it isn’t one payment for one project but a little money each month – a virtual tip jar, a way of saying thanks, getting some amazing rewards and keeping in touch with your favourite vloggers, artists, musicians and writers.

The important thing to remember is that things are not going to change very much on the blog. Patreon is not going to replace the blog. I am not making people pay for my poetry if they can’t afford to. There will still be prompts, charcoal poems, found poetry, ideas, reviews, discussions, snippets and shorts. The thing that will be moving over are the whole poems, if I post them on Patreon I get to keep control of the copyright and it means that I can do more with them in the future. Patreon will have all of the extra content that I have to hold back when I am blogging here.

The second most important thing to remember is that a little goes a very long way. If everyone who follows this blog gave me a dollar a month then I would hit all of my goals instantly, I would have a full income, all of my financial worries would be solved and I would have a complete community to talk to all of the time. Is that not amazing? One dollar a month really would be so hugely appreciated. I know a lot of people are really watching every single cent/penny and if you can spread the word then I am so grateful. Getting the word out is important and exciting.

The thing that I love about Patreon is that it is as much about engagement as it is about funding. It’s a great way of building community – which is what I love about blogging. Sharing ideas and inspirations, letting people interact with your work rather than just reading it. It’s also an amazing way to give some incredible rewards – and the more money I get the better the rewards are going to get. The stronger my financial security the more time I can spend making things and giving them to my patrons.

Patreon is going to become my main landing page but this blog is not going anywhere and I am not locking my work away behind paywalls. Just asking for a little help to keep doing what I love and sharing it with you.



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