Fox Snippets

Here’s a little sneak preview of one of the poems from my collection And The Fox Crows which is coming out from Fox Spirit Books later this year. This charcoal sketch is part of a longer poem which is called Unrehearsed, the poem is about Dionysus and his following. You can see the awesome cover art here. Keep an eye out on Patreon or on Twitter to hear when we get a release date.

If you’d like to read the whole poem before everyone else – you can! This is a snippet from one of the poems that you can read if you sign up to Patreon. The first five people to sign up for each separate reward level will get an exclusive look at And The Fox Crows in a PDF sample chapbook.




One thought on “Fox Snippets

  1. Julz says:

    That’s where it’s at….’Between the words’ but like all good artistic form they..words, paintings, an Oak tree, help us get through life with a smile..I resonated with the snippet above from ‘Unrehearsed’. That’s great poetry :-)
    Namaste, Julz.

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