Top Tips for Patreon Creators

My Patreon campaign was eight months in the planning and is three weeks in so far – it’s going slow but steady and I’m still learning. I will keep talking about what is working and not working so that people can see how it’s going for me. There are not a huge number of writers/poets on there right now and I’d love to see more so I hope that these posts will help out.

Follow other creators – show your faith in the platform.

Don’t expect everyone who enjoys and connects with your free content to pay for it.

Engage with your patrons – it’s not about the money, Patreon is more than a tip jar.

Keep an eye on the finances, don’t overspend on rewards.

Send people to your Patreon campaign – right now their search sucks and people are hard to find.

Ongoing research is key, keep looking at what others are doing and listen to feedback.

Balance your digital and physical rewards, remember that you will have a range of patrons.

Post content regularly so that your patrons get used to coming back to your page.

Be patient, unless you already have a lot of paying followers/fans it is going to take a while.

Preparation is vital.

Remember that Patreon is a way of monetizing work that you already do, not a new job.

You must be able to clearly and quickly explain what Patreon is and why it’s good for you and your patrons.

Make Patreon your main landing site.

Make sure you are linking back to Patreon from social media and websites, articles and YouTube. Anywhere.

Get someone who knows nothing about Patreon to read your pages before you launch.

If you’ve got some hints and helping hands for Patreon creators then please leave them in the comments.

And, obviously, please do come and visit me on Patreon. I’m still offering bonus rewards for my early patrons and there are lots of things that are up there to read already. I’m always on the lookout for new patrons and new campaigns to follow as well – the more the merrier!


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