The Slow Regard

My lovely friends M & A sent me a UK copy of Patrick Rothfuss’ brand new novella, The Slow Regard of Silent Things while I wait for my copy from the USA. It’s a novella about one of my favourite characters from his Kingkiller Chronicle series. Is there a little extra excitement that I get to read this just before my own novella comes out? Yes, obviously so! I am a very big fan of the series, and of Rothfuss’ writing but there is something about it that bothers me.

It’s taking a while to get the whole story out there. This is not what bothers me, what upsets me is that a lot of other readers are bothered by this. Books take time to write, books take time to get right, books have a lot of people involved and there are a lot of moving parts that need to align. But the main onus is on one person (sometimes two) to get the majority of it done and that person has a life. With family, friends, responsibilities and in Rothfuss’ case, organising an amazing non-profit as well! And without that rich, full life you can bet that their writing would not be the same.

I’m so tired of seeing people being mean or rude to the writers they supposedly are fans of because they are not doing what they are told. That’s not the way to get good stories! Anyway, I wanted to share a brief conversation between Peter Brett, Pat Rothfuss and I that happened a year ago, because it sums up all of the rambling I just did above. Also – this was over a year ago and I still see the same whinging complaints over and over again. Sigh.



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