The Fox Crows

WEBFox crows FINAL (1)

Good morning everyone!

My début poetry collection, And The Fox Crows is out now. It’s available to buy online in paperback and you can have it delivered straight to your front door so you don’t even have to go out in the frosty winter air.

It’s not just a poetry book either, it’s arranged in sections with prose between each to carry the story through. There is also an extended prose section to begin and end the collection.

Now, obviously I really, really hope that you buy a copy and enjoy it, but I haven’t yet seen one so if you would let me know or take a picture if you get a copy I would love to see!

Here’s the link to buy in the UK
And if you’re in the USA you can get it here

Here’s the official description:

Taking inspiration from the vast wealth of myths, legends and tales about foxes, these poems are a range of humorous, dark, magical and mystical verses framed by Pan, watching over, seeing all, from the ancient past to the immediate present. The fox has inspired art and literature since humans started telling stories. From the Kumiho of Korea to Aesop’s tales. From religion to faith. From hunter to hunted, the fox takes on many forms as do the poems in And The Fox Crows. In turns lyrical and dramatic, playful and sombre, V.C. Linde explores the spirit of the fox through poetry.

It’s also up on Goodreads if you’re over there. I hope you guys read and enjoy it. And thank you all very much for being so supportive as I’ve been working towards this.

Vick x


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